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Elegant Vintage-Inspired Bridal Jar Candles

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Discover the ideal bridal gift with our elegant Vintage-Inspired Bridal Jar Candles. These large, 16 oz. hand-poured soy candles, nestling within ravishing pink jars, are perfect for celebrating her special day.

Elegant Vintage-Inspired Bridal Jar Candles details:

  • Scents:
Vintage Rose (patchouli oil) - a romantic floral experience blooms revealing a heart of rose, carnation, lily of the valley, and ylang ylang.
Lavender Vanilla (Essential Oils used in this fragrance: Clary Sage Oil and Lavender Oil) - delightful refreshing aroma hinting at lazy, sunny afternoons and soft magical nights.
Magnolia and Peony (Essential Oils used in this fragrance: orange and cedarwood) - captures spring at the peak of its blossoming glory.
Buttercream (Essential Oils used in this fragrance: orange, black pepper, and clove leaf) - a sweet buttery fragrance reminiscent of buttercream icing.

  • Measurements: 6 3/4" H w/Lid x 4 1/4" D
  • Vessel: Vintage-Inspired Glass French Cut 16 oz. Jar with Lid (Note: This collection is not antique but vintage-inspired)

These candles come in a stunning French Cut jar and has a vintage-inspired design that adds a touch of nostalgia to any space. When the candle has been burned, the jar can be repurposed to hold makeup brushes, trinkets, or any other small items.


Customer Reviews

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Diane B
I am very pleased first with the speedy sh...

I am very pleased first with the speedy shipping/delivery
The candles were Packed with Care.
Each candle was Boxed and had a ribbon/ bow.
The Smell of each candle was Beautifully Smelling not over powering.
And I received a small thank candle and note :)