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Scented Candle in Vintage Half-Pint Mason Jar

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Step back in time with this quaint and charming half-pint candle jar, complete with a glass lid and wire bail. This classic vintage jar candle will be a beautiful addition to your home or make the perfect gift.

The purchase of this listing is for one hand poured candle with the following details:

Scent Choices:

~Wild Pear & Honey - a sweet indulgence of ripe pear with a hint of honey
~Cypress & Bayberry - brings the the ambience of fresh foliage into your home.
~Citrus Sunset - a citrusy melody of grapefruit, orange peel, lemon peel, lemon, and mandarin.

Measurements: 4"H x 3" W
Dish: Vintage Atlas or Ball E-Z Seal Half Pint with Glass Top & Wire Bail

This vintage fruit jar is adorned with either Atlas E-Z Seal or Ball Ideal on the front, and although it has slight wear, it only adds to its nostalgic charm. It is ideal for the candle enthusiast who also loves vintage decor. Enhance the ambiance of your home with this vintage treasure, as the delightful scent of your choice fills the air with each burn.




Customer Reviews

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Lindsay P
Always the absolute best!

Always the absolute best!

Sewell S
Beautiful candle with an amazing scent. No...

Beautiful candle with an amazing scent. Not overpowering at all, light and lovely. Will be buying more soon! Thank you!

Maria S
I've ordered numerous candles from Retrowi...

I've ordered numerous candles from Retrowix and they are all awesome in every way. The glass pieces are lovely, the scents are heavenly, the pieces arrive promptly, and the candles are wrapped in a beautiful way. I enjoy the various scents that Vickie at Retrowix offers. All of them have been great!