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Fenton's Amber Hobnail Glass Slipper

Fenton's Amber Hobnail Glass Slipper

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Welcome the allure of the past with our enchanting Fenton's Amber Hobnail Glass Slipper. This Victorian-style glass slipper, a symbol of beauty and purity, remains a vintage treasure that resonates with timeless charm. Originally given as gifts to young women coming of age, these delicate pieces were a symbol of beauty and purity, and our petite slipper from Fenton in the Hobnail pattern embodies that spirit perfectly.

Adorned with a cute cat head on the front and a match striker on the bottom, this slipper is not only beautiful but practical too. Use it to hold your matches or as an elegant accessory to complement your favorite candle. It comes with matches included, making it a perfect gift option right out of the box.

But that's not all - this versatile piece can be used in a variety of ways. Place it on a dresser or a powder room shelf to hold rings or earrings, or display it alongside other Fenton pieces to create a stunning vintage collection.

Experience the charm of the past with this enchanting Victorian glass slipper. It's sure to light up any room and capture the hearts of vintage enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Fenton's Amber Hobnail Glass Slipper Details:

  • Vessel: Vintage Glass Slipper, Hobnail (Amber) by Fenton, 1960's
  • Measurements: 3" H x 6" Long


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