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Mismatched Vintage Brass Candle Holders | Set of 3

Mismatched Vintage Brass Candle Holders | Set of 3

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Explore our set of 3 mismatched vintage brass candle holders, ideal for weddings or adding an elegant touch to your decor. With varying heights, these holders blend history with modern elegance. 

Set of Mismatched Brass & Mixed Metal Candle Holders (Set of 3)

  • Assorted Heights: 7", 8 1/4", with the tallest standing at 9 3/4"
  • *Candles are not included with this purchase.

Every candle holder in this collection tells its own story, displaying a gentle patina and subtle signs of wear that enhance their individual charm. These marks serve as cherished reminders of their past and add character to your decor. Perfect for vintage enthusiasts who appreciate the warm glow of candlelight, these shorter holders bring a unique and cozy atmosphere to any space. 

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