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Velvet Vanilla Soy Candle in Vintage Jeannette Wedding Box

Velvet Vanilla Soy Candle in Vintage Jeannette Wedding Box

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Surprise the bride with our Velvet Vanilla soy candle, elegantly presented in a vintage Jeannette Wedding Box. A unique bridal gift that blends dreamy scents with a piece of history, perfect for adding charm to her new home and keeping her special day memories alive.

According to folklore, this exquisite dish held more than just cake—it held the hopes and dreams of the bride. It was believed that by making a wish while placing a piece of cake into this cherished dish, a bride's desires could come true. Not only did it serve as a vessel for delicious wedding cake, but it also held sentimental value as a keepsake for the newlywed couple. The vessel was often used to house a piece of cake to take home, symbolizing the sweet memories and blessings they would carry into their married life.

Surprise the bride with this unique and heartfelt gift, combining a delightful fragrance and repurposed vintage decor. It will serve as a cherished reminder of her special day and bring warmth and joy to her new home.

Soy Candle in Vintage Jeannette Wedding Box details:

  • Scent: Velvet Vanilla
  • Measurements: Large (10" H w/ Lid x 5" D)
  • Vessel: Vintage Milk Glass Jeannette Wedding Box/Bowl


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