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Vintage Brass Shoe Match Holder & Ashtray

Vintage Brass Shoe Match Holder & Ashtray

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Enhance your candle-lit ambiance with this delightful vintage brass shoe. Not only does it exude a petite charm, but it also serves as a practical match holder, ensuring you never fumble around for a light again. The intricate hand-etched design and match striker on the bottom make it a versatile and aesthetically pleasing accessory. This beautiful piece comes complete with matches, ready to be used or gifted. It also makes for a perfect gift for a hostess who seemingly has everything.

This small brass ashtray, shaped like a shoe, boasts a beautiful patina. As a vintage item, it may display slight signs of wear, which only add to its nostalgic charm. It is particularly ideal for candle enthusiasts who appreciate vintage decor.

Vintage Brass Shoe Match Holder & Ashtray details:

  • Dish: Vintage Brass Korean Shoe Figurine/Ashtray (Hand-etched...brass carved by hand)
  • **Note: Each piece may vary slightly depending on what we have in stock at the time. 
  • Measurements: Approx. 4 1/2" long

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