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Vintage Candle in Amber Glass Canister

Vintage Candle in Amber Glass Canister

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Elevate your autumn ambiance with our exquisite hand-poured Sweet Almond candle. Housed in vintage amber glass canisters, featuring the iconic Moon & Star pattern. 

These canisters exhibit a delightful hint of nostalgic wear, enhancing their allure. Whether you're seeking a heartwarming gift or a self-indulgent treat, our Sweet Almond candle is an essential addition for every aficionado of fine candles.

Vintage Candle in Amber Glass Canister details: (Two Sizes Available)

  • Scent: Sweet Almond
  • Measurements: Small 5" H x 4" D or Medium 6 3/4" H x 5" D
  • Vessel: Vintage Amber Glass Canister/Jar with Lid by L. E. Smith


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