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Vintage Cobalt Blue Powder Jar Candle

Vintage Cobalt Blue Powder Jar Candle

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Elevate your space with our hand-poured soy candle in a vintage cobalt blue powder jar. Delight in the scent of Black Currant & Jasmine. The perfect gift for candle enthusiasts who adore vintage decor.

The unique jar, originally designed to hold powder perfume, showcases an embossed lid with raised print. As a vintage piece, it carries the subtle marks of its history, adding to its nostalgic allure. A delightful discovery for candle enthusiasts who have a fondness for vintage decor.

Vintage Cobalt Blue Powder Jar Candle details:

  • Scent: Black Currant & Jasmine
  • Measurements: 2 1/2” H x 4 1/4" D
  • Dish: Caswell-Massey Co LTD, Elixir of Love No 1, Cobalt Blue Glass Powder Jar


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