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Vintage-Inspired Rose & Mystique Whisper Jar Candles for Valentine's

Vintage-Inspired Rose & Mystique Whisper Jar Candles for Valentine's

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Celebrate love with our 16 oz. vintage-inspired jar candles in Rose Petals & Mystique Whisper scents. A perfect Valentine's Day gift, these candles blend timeless elegance with luxurious aromas, encased in a French Cut glass jar for a touch of vintage charm.

The purchase of this listing is for one hand poured candle with the following details:

  • Scent Options:
    • Rose Petals: Immerse in the garden-fresh aroma of true-to-life roses.
    • Mystique Whisper: Surrender to the allure of dark berries, exotic spices, and warm amber.
  • Measurements: 6 3/4" H w/Lid x 4 1/4" D
  • Vessel: Each candle is poured into a 16 oz. French Cut glass jar, reminiscent of vintage elegance but with a modern twist. Though not antique, the design is inspired by the classic beauty of yesteryear.

Beyond their burn, these jars find a second life as chic storage solutions or decorative accents, blending seamlessly into your decor and continuing to kindle the memory of your thoughtful gift.


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