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Vintage Tin Candle with Moonflower & Bohemian Rose Scents

Vintage Tin Candle with Moonflower & Bohemian Rose Scents

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Embrace the elegance of our hand-poured candle in a vintage floral metal tea tin. Choose between Moonflower or Bohemian Rose to fill any space with timeless charm. A perfect gift that blends historical beauty with soothing fragrances.

The purchase of this listing is for one hand poured candle with the following details:

  • Scents: Moonflower, Bohemian Rose
  • Measurements: 4 1/2" H x 5 1/2, 3 1/4" D
  • Vessel: Vintage Floral Metal Tea Tin - by Nelson Graphomania, Made in Korea, 1995

This captivating vintage tin, adorned with a floral motif and a testament to its rich past, carries slight signs of wear, enhancing its vintage appeal. Ideal for those who cherish both the warmth of candlelight and the charm of vintage aesthetics, it offers a new life as a decorative holder for keepsakes once the candle within has been enjoyed.

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