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Vintage Towle Crystal Candle Holders

Vintage Towle Crystal Candle Holders

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Elegant Vintage Towle Candle Holders, perfect as wedding decor or a housewarming gift. Embrace the nostalgic charm of these 24% lead crystal candlesticks, ideal for vintage and candle enthusiasts.

Embrace the gentle wear that accompanies their vintage nature, as it only adds to their nostalgic charm. These candle holders are ideal for the candle enthusiast who appreciates both the warm glow of candlelight and the vintage aesthetic.

Vintage Towle Crystal Candle Holders details:

  • Vintage Towle Candle Holders 24% Lead Crystal Candlesticks, Set of 2, Made in Austria
  • Measurements: 3" H X 1 1/4" across top, 3 1/4" across the base


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